Discover The Best Amber Perfume! 7 Fragrances To Smell Like A Sensual Desert

The best amber perfume for every nose.

I could write a whole book about my favorite amber perfume, but no one would read it.

Amber is one of the most evocative scents in the world of fragrance. But, it is so much more than just a perfume ingredient.

Every time we smell amber, it is as though we are immersed in an exotic land. The smell transports us back in time and makes us feel part of a mystical place.

It’s one of those scents that has a way of enticing us. So, let us find out more about amber and why you need an amber fragrance.

What Does Amber Perfume Smell Like?

Amber perfumes smell mysterious. They usually smell sweet like resin, reminiscent of vanilla. There’s a richness that can’t be described in words.

Its scent is synonymous with oriental perfume, with all its luxury and history.

Amber oil smells like benzoin, tonka bean, labdanum, and beeswax. “Arabic Nights” smell like amber.

Why does amber smell good?

Amber is more than just a fragrance note. Strongly associated with religious smells, its aroma moves us. Amber tells a story.

Amber invites us to worship. Putting us in a state of awe.

I could tell you about the properties of fossilized amber, but I won’t. Amber deserves more than chemistry lessons. Amber deserves to be experienced.

Perfumery loves amber, and amber delivers. [1]

Is Amber a Top Note?

Amber is one of the most popular base notes, and for a good reason. It acts as a fixative for other smells and makes them more appealing to our senses.

Its presence adds not only its sweet, woody smell but also structure and order to a fragrance. As a result, it’s an indispensable ingredient in modern perfumery.

Amber perfume: Is it right for you?

Amber perfumes are suitable for anyone with a sense of smell.

There’s something about its smell that transcends genre or season. It goes with everything.

Amber appears in many great fragrances, either as the lead or as a supporting role. Amber doesn’t mind. Its beautiful scent brightens up everything.

Get your nose ready. Let’s take a look at some of the best amber fragrances.

Best Amber Perfumes Ever

Shalimar By Guerlain

Shalimar is probably the best scent ever. Basically, it’s a citrus oriental that smells like vanilla and exudes warmth.

The amber note gives it an almost mythical smell. It has gone through more changes than a politician but is still great.

On my skin, my cologne bottle from the 60s smells amazingly unisex.

It definitely never goes out of style since it smells like a deja vu. Always delicious and familiar.

It could be anyone’s signature scent in 100 years.

Ambre Sultan By Serge Lutens

The perfumer tried to recreate life in the Far East, and he succeeded.

It’s a warm amber perfume for people with character and conviction. It’s the fragrance you’d wear if you were planning a coup.

It smells like fossilized resin, musk, sandalwood, and almost illegal vanilla. Animalistic. 

A scent you should smell at least once. Or twice.

It has the power to affect more than just the sense of smell. We’re transported.

You might get a lifetime out of a bottle, but if you like rich scents, you should get a small decant.

Angel By Mugler

Angel is one of the most iconic scents in the world of perfumery. Since its launch in 1992, it’s been imitated more than the Beatles.

This was the first edible fragrance, giving rise to the gourmand genre. Patchouli and dark amber make this a true oriental scent.

The amber accord isn’t the central part, but it deserves an Oscar for the best supporting role.

A woody chocolate bomb that captivates interest and still feels new and relevant.

Amber Absolute By Tom Ford

Golden Amber. It smells how it looks. I love it when things make sense.

Its color and bottle tell you what it is. We expect a powerful amber fragrance, and we get that.

Sadly discontinued, I use my decant sparingly and carefully.

One perfume note. Amber. One great friend. Incense. Together, they’re perfect. Encourages lofty thinking. Religious thoughts. We can reflect and take a break. 

It would be perfect for a wedding or another significant event, like a sad Sunday.

L’Air du Desert Marocain By Tauer Perfumes

Defining a state of mind with a scent. Calm and meditative. A great name. I can smell the Moroccan desert even though I’ve never been there.

I am reminded of authentic oriental perfume oil with the scent of styrax. 

Vanillin-like and enigmatic. Powerful for those of a timid spirit and lovers of moderate citrus cologne.

As long as I adjust the trigger, I find that this fragrance works in every type of weather.

Bring it as a gift along with gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Ambre Nuit By Christian Dior

Amber and rose. Rose and amber. Is there any other ingredient? No.

Is it a classical floral fragrance? No, it’s not. I think it’s neo floral or something like that.

Why does it smell a little bit like oud, though? I don’t know. Life is strange.

Ambre Nuit starts smelling like citrus. Probably bergamot or another juicy aroma.

This doesn’t last long. Immediately, an amber accord comes through that takes you by surprise. It’s never too strong or too sweet. 

The amber and rose complement each other beautifully, and they look like the kind of happy couple who never argue.

In a few words, Ambre Nuit smells like floral luxury.

The One for Men By Dolce & Gabbana 

Often, the popular is considered generic and of lower quality, according to the experts.

That’s not what I think. There is often great value in the popular. We are more alike than we think.

The One is yet another victim of its own fame. We don’t value it enough because it’s so common.

For me, it smells like class. Orange blossom and amber go great together.

I could use it every day. That’s not going to happen. Nevertheless, I like its woody feel.

The perfect gift for the one. Sorry, I had to.

Serg V

I've been obsessed with fragrances for over a decade. I have sold fragrances for a living and written about them in places like Fragrantica and Scentbird. Here I recommend my favorites to make the world a better-smelling place.