You NEED a Coconut Perfume! 15 Fragrances That Smell Like Happiness

The best coconut scents

The smell of coconut is probably one of the most memorable beach scents.

Our minds are quickly drawn to the smell of coconut when we think of the ocean.

According to a study by the European Journal of Marketing, consumers put their nostrils to the test when assessing products with “signature” scents – amongst the products with an unmistakable scent is Suntan Lotion, identified with a milky coconut aroma that makes everyone think of a bright summer day, eating mango, with the sun aggressively burning your bare skin!

Coconut products are a big business. Business Wire, in a report from July 25th, 2023, estimates their popularity to grow at 8.4%.

However, most of us don’t own a single coconut perfume. Why? It is a note that perfumers do not often use in their creations. What is the reason?

Smelling like coconut is heavily associated with the summer. No one wants to smell like that during the fall. However, not all coconut fragrances smell like this. You can’t miss some of them.

I will show you the best coconut fragrances if you come with me. Please put on your paraben-free sunscreen, and let’s eat fresh coconut.

What does coconut smell like?

The smell of fresh coconut is one of the most familiar aromas we have. Its scent of vanilla, nuts, and milk is indelibly etched in our memories. [1]

So if you’ve just arrived on earth but haven’t smelled coconuts yet, what are you waiting for?

Each of us remembers a particular summer vacation whenever we smell suntan lotion. Yet, despite coconut’s popularity, we don’t tend to wear fragrances with its scent.

I don’t think this is right.

This article has the purpose of awakening your curiosity about coconuts and guiding you. Guiding you to ensure that you smell like coconut.

Keep reading, and I will help you find a new favorite scent, as I recommend you the best coconut perfumes.

What Type of Fragrances Use Coconut As An Ingredient

Coconut is a victim of their own popularity. Due to its strong association with body products, it is not used as widely as other notes. 

In the world of perfume, its fame has hurt it. Don’t be alarmed. Some brave fragrances wear coconut with pride.

Coconut combines beautifully with other scents creating wonderful fragrances that you cannot miss.

Perfumes That Smell Like Coconut (My Favorites)

Let’s explore a series of coconut perfumes with all the essential elements to captivate your nose and heart


Diptyque Philosykos

Probably the best coconut fragrance out there. It’s a perfume that’s like taking the summer with you wherever you go.

Although it is a fig fragrance, coconut steals the show.

I can see myself drinking a lime beverage, without any worry in the world, smelling like the beach thanks to Philosykos. 

100% unisex. No one should miss this scent.

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Coconut Fizz 

Bergamot and coconut. A perfect marriage. Fresh on your skin. 

I think the idea was to have it smell like coconut water. Based on my nose, the perfumer succeeded.

Vanilla in the heart notes to round things up. Fleeting, so you will probably have to reapply.

This is not an issue, though. A coconut perfume that keeps smelling better and better.

Atelier Cologne Pacific Lime 

Atelier Cologne has the secret to creating perfect citrus scents. Maybe they use a unique, essential oil, or is it just magic. I’m not sure.

I’m certain Pacific Lime is a refreshing and motivating fragrance. You can’t help but want to sing when you smell so good.

All the fragrance notes combine to form a beautiful tropical coconut lime power ballad.

Byredo Velvet Haze 

Byredo is distinguished both by its good fragrances and its evocative names. Velvet Haze does not let us down.

We are all familiar with this type of smell. It’s the smell of dried coconut. Not a beach scent. Almost a gourmand fragrance. But transparent.

Byredo does this genre well. Sweet and light perfumes.Totally unisex, by the way, if you care about that kind of stuff.


Escada Born in Paradise  

A sweet coconut scent that smells like fruit salad and exudes a carefree attitude. Vanilla, creamy coconut milk, and musk. It sounds chaotic, but I swear it is not.

I love when synthetic ingredients create a natural feel. The result is an everyday scent that smells like fun. Feels like cyberpunk.

A perfume for a nice tropical vacation or just the office. What’s the problem?

Dior Hypnotic Poison 

Hypnotic Poison isn’t what I would call a coconut fragrance. However, its presence emits a soft melody. 

Probably the perfect vanilla perfume for women. But it is so much more. It’s mysterious. A skin scent that does not yell. 

Famous for good reason. An artistic and bestselling success. Having used it myself (a man) still smells delicious. Perfumes don’t discriminate.

It could be your next favorite fragrance.

Versace Crystal Noir

A coconut fragrance that doesn’t smell like the beach. That is something.

It’s a warm amber perfume that cleverly uses the coconut note to mellow things down.

Ideal for nights out or for watching Netflix alone in your haunted apartment. It’s versatile, affordable, and the bottle is beautiful. 

A creamy perfume that is not cloying. Grab it if you need a Swiss army knife coconut scent.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

I enjoy Tom Ford’s perfume line. They are probably overpriced, but I like most of them.

I’m a sucker for corny names, so Soleil Blanc (white sun) caught my attention.

It is a coconut perfume disguised as a white floral fragrance. It starts with mouthwatering, almost drinkable, bergamot, and some balancing cardamom.

Then it becomes one of the classiest summer fragrances around, lots of coconuts and massive yet well-behaved amber notes dancing around in the background.

Lancome La Nuit Tresor Nude

Obviously, I shouldn’t be swayed by a pretty bottle, but what do I do? I am who I am.

A sweet vanilla treasure. Perfect for special occasions like a wedding or a bank heist.

To my nose, it smells like natural Madagascar vanilla. That, by itself, would be interesting.

But the coconut comes to the rescue and transforms a curious perfume into an experience.

Buy it and send me the empty bottle a few months later.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

An amber perfume for the summer? Why not? Perfumery is not governed by law.

It is the creamy vanilla that steals the show, which is uplifting and stimulating. Musk and coconut play secondary roles, but supporting actors consistently win Oscars.

Not a traditional scent for warm weather, but versatile enough for any season and type of human with a sense of smell.

Mancera Coco Vanille

Mancera’s scents remind me of perfume oil. They are hyperrealistic and complex. 

Tiare flower and jasmine bring this fragrance to life and prevent it from being an overpowering vanilla bomb. 

The coconut feels rich, almost body-lotion creamy. Yet transparent. A sweet, demure aura.

Regardless of the occasion, I find it to be a perfect choice. You don’t have to live in a tropical paradise.


Creed Virgin Island Water 

Something is wrong if you don’t want to go on vacation after smelling this fragrance.

Lime and coconut decided to have a child, and this is it. The result is a boozy scent with no equal.

I traveled with a bottle of Virgin Island Water to the Caribbean 2 years ago, so I have a special bond with this perfume.

It doesn’t last on my skin, but that’s okay. I enjoy short-term relationships.

I need a new bottle.

Dua Caribbean Waters

Technically, it is a clone of Virgin Island Water, but it is different to me.

Lime in this fragrance is much more intense and long-lasting. The coconut note is exceptionally creamy, reminding me of coconut oil.

Dua fragrances are very high quality. They have a thick consistency, like fragrance oil.

This could explain why they last so damn long. The Creed version is more expensive and less powerful. I like them both.

You have the choice.

Clean Solar Bloom

Another enticing combo of coconut and woods. In this case, creamy vetiver plays a role.

Unisex, but the woods give it a more gentlemanly vibe. Not that you should care about that.

I couldn’t find sandalwood in the notes, but I swear I smell it somewhere. A very clean coconut perfume for every day or the strange. Deserves a whiff.

Serg V

I've been obsessed with fragrances for over a decade. I have sold fragrances for a living and written about them in places like Fragrantica and Scentbird. Here I recommend my favorites to make the world a better-smelling place.