Eau de Toilette vs Parfum: Are They Different? Choose The Best One!

Edt vs Edp

Eau de Toilette vs Parfum. Are they really different?

Yes, they are different! Parfum is more potent than Eau de Toilette.

Eau de Toilette is not to blame for this, though. It’s just math.

Eau de Toilette contains around 10% perfume oil.

Parfum contains 15-18% perfume oil.

Perfume Extract or Extrait de Parfum contains 25% perfume essential oils and higher.

The perfume oil is mixed with alcohol to obtain all the fragrances we know and love.

Alcohol enhances the smell of aromatic oils. They smell, well, beautiful. Thanks, alcohol.

If you’re wondering which Dior Sauvage to buy – mistrusting Johnny Depp’s good intentions as he recently extended his partnership for 20 million, according to the Hollywood Reporter – keep reading. You don’t need to be a perfumer to find a new scent to love. I promise.

What is Eau de Parfum [More Perfume Oil]

Our first different concentration is Eau de parfum or edp. A powerful fragrance. Almost 20% perfume oil.

As we know, its power lies in the fact that it contains more pure perfume. In general, this fragrance concentration tends to be more expensive.

Unfairly, it is more common in women’s perfumes. Men should settle for either Eau de Toilette or aftershave. I’m joking. It’s a free world, and you can wear any scent you want.

Some people wonder if they could purchase pure perfume. They don’t smell delicious—a very intense scent.

Alcohol enhances the smell of the aromatic compounds in perfume. This way, we find fragrance notes more pleasant to our noses.

Oh, chemistry.

What is Eau de Toilette

Our friendly Eau de Toilette. It seems to be the weakest of the group, but that’s not the case.

Is always strong coffee what we want? The same is true of fragrances. A good thing can sometimes be overdone.

I have smelled Eau de Toilettes more beautiful than parfums. Chanel Coromandel, for example. A perfect fragrance. But the EDP smells too intense for my taste.

Therefore, you should not underestimate your Eau de Toilette. The same raw materials and perfume essence are right there.

Take cologne or Eau de Cologne, for example. It’s a lower concentration. A little less than 10% perfume oil. Some new interpretations, like Eau Fraiche, add more complexity than required. Remember, these types or fragrances are all lighter and tend to be fresh.

But some of them are both beautiful and powerful. Mugler cologne comes to mind. I love it, and I need a new bottle.

Is there a difference in fragrance between Eau de Toilette vs Parfum? 

This is a mystery. Yes, sometimes there is. Chanel, Hermes, and Guerlain typically use different formulas. Their parfums, they claim, contain exclusive ingredients.

Perfumery is a business, after all. But remember, this does not mean they smell better, which depends on your taste.

A Higher concentration is not the same as a better-smelling scent. If you read on, which one to choose will become more apparent.

Eau de Toilette vs Parfum? Which One To Get

The perfect perfume concentration depends on who you are. [1]

Pure perfume oil is unpleasant, so don’t judge a fragrance for its power.

In some cases, Eau de Toilettes smell better. In others, EDP will. There are no absolute rules in life.

I have several versions of Aqua de Gio.  Why? Because I enjoy them all.

If you’re unsure which version to buy, try both on your skin—one in each arm. After 2 hours, decide.

Eau de Toilette vs Parfum? Which Is Better?

A perfume house would tell you to buy their most expensive fragrance. I won’t.

Fragrances are not cars. It’s not about engines and power. The best fragrance is one that you like. You don’t need a scent’s highest concentration to smell like a million dollars.

Your signature scent depends on your taste, not the amount of fragrance oil. Or what a fragrance expert tells you.


Do Parfums Last Longer Than Eau de Toilettes?

In general, parfum lasts longer than Eau de Toilette. However, not all the time. Depends on the fragrance type.

Sweet fragrances last longer than fresh scents. No matter the concentration. So consider that.

If your Eau de Toilette doesn’t last too long, don’t panic. Please bring it with you, and respray it 4 hours later.

You’re welcome.

What if you Have Sensitive Skin?

If you have any known allergies to fragrances, approach them with caution. Ask your doctor for advice.

What To Do Next

It’s not necessary to find the perfect oil concentration for your perfume.

I have tried many Eau de Toilletes and compared them to their edp. It is sometimes impossible to tell the difference in your skin.

Perfumery is a huge business, so trust your nose.

Perfumes Recommendations 

Mugler Cologne 

Better than 99% of higher end fragrances. It could be your new favorite fragrance. 

Spray liberally and always buy a bigger bottle.

Burberry Indigo Eau de Toilette

An efficient fresh fragrance with a twist. I detect a subtle musk that makes this scent intriguing—a perfect mens fragrance.

Easy for compliments and not too familiar. I like it a lot. Perfect for guys who want to feel young.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Eau de Toilette

This one is very complex, I admit it. But it reminds me of desserts, and that’s always a good thing. Try before you buy. Very strong. Not your typical floral fragrance.

Primarily for women with loud voices and fantastic stories.

Dior Homme Intense Parfum

Sold as a masculine scent, but this is for everyone. It smells kind of like makeup but in a wildly fantastic way. One of my coworkers constantly drooled when I wore it.

Prada Infusion D’iris Parfum

Available in the women’s fragrances section. Wear it no matter who you are if you want to smell like the best soap.

What Perfume Concentration Should You Buy For Your Significant Other?

Buy Eau de parfums if your loved one likes more powerful and rich scents. Buy edts if they prefer fragrances that smell less intense.

Now you know.

If you’re considering buying a new fragrance, you’re armed with powerful knowledge about different perfume types.

Whether you’re drawn by the raw, fresh scent of Sauvage EDT or tempted by the deeper, more luxurious aroma of Sauvage EDP, remember that the choice lies entirely in your hands.

Each scent tells a different story and captures a different emotion. Choose wisely, and let your fragrance be your most compelling representation.

Serg V

I've been obsessed with fragrances for over a decade. I have sold fragrances for a living and written about them in places like Fragrantica and Scentbird. Here I recommend my favorites to make the world a better-smelling place.