Love, Don’t Be Shy: A Very Sweet Review On Rihanna’s Favorite Scent

It’s interesting to smell scents used by celebrities, like Love, Don’t Be Shy, because they have a mysterious quality that makes them more intriguing. My first encounter with this perfume was in 2013 when I bought many samples of the perfume house created by Kilian Hennesy. Let’s begin our journey with Rihanna’s favorite scent.

My Story With Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy

I’m a fan of Kilian fragrances because they smell the way they cost, high-end. Love, Don’t be Shy is clearly a gourmand fragrance whose notes combine to create a pink bubblegum effect that never loses its class, despite the sweet perfume’s candy-like vibe.

Love, don’t be shy, has a sugar-coated siren song effect on me, luring me with its sweetness in a way that truly captivates me. It reminds me a little of Baccarat Rouge, but mostly on its aura, as the perfume notes on this perfume are different.  I understand this is not the type of smell everyone will like, considering that as it progresses in your skin, it dries into a warm luscious marshmallow sugar accord that many women feel juvenile, but in my case, I find it very sexy.

Calice Becker created a luscious evening scent. A critical tip is to spray it with a delicate hand. Otherwise, you will become a cotton candy cloud invading people’s privacy. One-two sprays top. But as I usually say, do what feels right to you.

Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy Perfume Description

Who Do I See Wearing Love Dont Be Shy?

Love Don’t be Shy shines when the night is cold, and you plan to go out for drinks on a balcony with Rihanna’s hits as a soundtrack. I see confident women wearing this scent. It’s a scent for the daring and the sweet-toothed classy ladies who want to smell like Rihanna and like a grown-up version of their favorite childhood candy. I think you should try it, but it’s your life, and I want you to be happy!

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