Musc Nomade Annick Goutal: My Biased Opinion After 9 Years of Musky Romance

I am trying to remember how I got interested in Musc Nomade Annick Goutal. It was 2014, and the world was pretty much the same as it is now, but I was in a musk vibe.

This could be considered a perfume review, but think of it mainly as a weird guy, me, describing a woman fragrance, according to Marketing people, in an approachable and probably creepy way.

My Story With Annick Goutal Musc Nomade

My Old School Musc Nomade Bottle

Musk fragrances are not for everyone. I get that. They remind us too much of personal odors, not vulgar in themselves, but private aromas we sometimes try to hide. Before buying Musc Nomade, I read a fragrance review describing it as sensual and other creepy adjectives, so I wasn’t interested. 

Luckily for me, I respected Annick Goutal as I had smelled a few samples of her famous Les Orientalistes collection, and the name Musc Nomade kept ringing inside my head. 

One night, I think I had been drinking; I bought a lot of fragrances, including Musc Nomade. When it arrived, the scent didn’t smell like anything to me. Musk scents can have that invisible effect, so I didn’t panic.

A few days later, I gave it another shot, and it was clear that this was a subtle white musk, a genre that basically describes soft but kinky fragrances. As I learned to like it, I finally deciphered what was behind my unspecific love for Musc Nomade. It smells like natural musk.

And my natural musk, I don’t mean the notes we find in colognes. I mean human musk. How people smell up close and personal. Back then, I wrote in another place that reminded me of the smell of the skin of someone you love. I still feel like that.

Who Do I See Wearing Musc Nomade

Musc Nomade can smell like musk powder if you have a trained nose, but you don’t need one to enjoy it. It’s 100 unisex, yet I don’t see a typical guy wearing it. It’s not a feminine scent, but it’s a strange scent for guys who like to smell like the freshest ocean since the ice age. 

For me, it’s a skin scent. What do I mean? A fragrance that mixes up with your own smell and makes people think it’s you who smell good and cozy, not a perfume you are wearing. I could say it’s a heavenly blend with a creamy texture that you could use as a signature scent, but that would be cringe.

Not a typical fresh fragrance, but in my opinion, it’s one of the best summer fragrances.

Serg V

I've been obsessed with fragrances for over a decade. I have sold fragrances for a living and written about them in places like Fragrantica and Scentbird. Here I recommend my favorites to make the world a better-smelling place.