Sillage: When Perfume Demands Attention [13 Fragrances To Try]

A fragrant cloud that follows you wherever you go...

The smell of my fragrance alerted my co-worker that I had arrived at the office. She always said that to me as a compliment.

This is sillage.  Let’s learn a little more about the world of perfume.

What is Sillage in Perfume

First of all, what does sillage mean? In French, sillage is the wake left in the water by passing boats or by high-speed planes in the sky. 

Beautiful word, isn’t it? The perfume industry borrowed the term. I can’t blame them.

Sillage is the scent trail left by a fragrance at a distance. It is its projection from your skin into the world. How others perceive it. 

It consists mainly of the base note, the smell that remains for longer. This base is the heavier molecules. Therefore, the party lasts longer for them.

How to Pronounce Sillage

It is pronounced as “See-Yazh.”

Why Should You Care About Sillage

A world of smells surrounds us. Some of them we choose, and others happen. Our sense of smell is a powerful tool. And a glamorous accessory for our skin. 

The fashion and cosmetics industries know about this and release hundreds of new fragrances every year.  It’s a pretty lucrative business. 

Almost half of the population are sillage carriers. 41% of Americans wear a fragrance occasionally. But what is sillage exactly?

Why does Sillage exist?

Rather than bore you with chemistry lessons, I will spare you. Instead, it’s a lesson about molecules and their diffusion. Some of them linger more time in the air.

Myrrh, musk, vanilla, jasmine, amber, almond, and bergamot are culprits behind the scent trail.

While one fragrance whispers, the other yells from our skin.

Don’t Blame the Perfumer

Beauty is everywhere, and we are always trying to capture it somehow. Perfumery is part of this tradition.

Perfumers mix the highest quality ingredients imaginable to create a new scent, hoping to captivate us. Or at least not offend our nose. [1]

Does it always work? No. Who has not walked into a room that reeks of Axe Body Spray and immaturity?

It’s not a terrible problem, though. No one learns how to apply perfume in school. That’s probably a good thing.

Your Creed Fragrance is not Fake or Cheap

Strong sillage is not about the quality of a perfume. So don’t throw away your bottle.

Or get mad at your favorite brand. Luxurious perfumes can be silent.

Your fragrance has a particular type of note. Its purpose was to be modest.

So don’t worry and read the next section.

I Want to Increase my Sillage

That’s totally fine, and I can help you. Spray perfume on your clothes. Close to your neck. Or your shoulders.

This also increases the longevity of your fragrance and accentuates the middle note. 

By using this trick, your fragrance’s trail will speak behind your back.

Help! Everyone Can Smell my Perfume

Almost everyone is very busy, so this is unlikely. Anyway, if you think this might happen…

Put a little less perfume on. It really is as simple as that. 

Life is hard. So, if you wear a lot or a little makeup, lipstick or perfume, I’ll forgive you.

How to Wear Perfume

I wouldn’t worry about wearing perfume the right way. There is no right way. It’s a matter of preference.

We should not put rules on beauty. However, if you want to get the most out of your fragrances…

Sillage is very practical.  If you want to get compliments on your fragrance, wear perfumes with strong sillage. Sweet and woody scents typically meet these requirements.

If you are more the mysterious type, wear a fragrance that projects less. A fresh, light fragrance is your best friend in this case.

As a general rule, any scent is suitable for any occasion… Adjust the trigger just a bit. Perfume is not offensive.

Have Some Fun with your Fragrances

If you worry about being a loud fragrance wearer, don’t panic. It’s just perfume.

In my many years of wearing and selling perfumes, I haven’t been sued for my sillage. Test it before wearing it.

Fragrances are a simple luxury most people can afford; So live a little and take a whiff of your sillage.

What To Do Next

Should you force your scent on civilization? Or unveil its presence like a mystery?

Why can’t we have both? 


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Serg V

I've been obsessed with fragrances for over a decade. I have sold fragrances for a living and written about them in places like Fragrantica and Scentbird. Here I recommend my favorites to make the world a better-smelling place.