My Maritime Journey With Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue

Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue is another of the fantastic fragrances created by this popular brand that specializes in launching perfumes that you should wear with a piña colada while lounging on a deserted Caribbean island. 

My first encounter with Tommy Bahama was a positive one, back in 2013 when I bought their Set Sail St. Barts, a cologne with an unmistakable mojito vibe that I swear could take away the heat when I wore it. It didn’t last long, though, as I liberally used it during the summer, and I don’t regret it, as it left me with good memories after its fleeting passage in my life.

What does Maritime Deep Blue smell like? Let’s see and smell.

My Story With Maritime Deep Blue

My 2017 Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue Decant

I wasn’t on the market for a fresh maritime perfume that smells like the beach. Still, Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue literally fell on my nose as it was part of a big fragrance batch that Scentbird shipped to me back in early 2017 when they hired me to write catchy descriptions for their website. 

At first, this woody aromatic fragrance seemed ordinary, but as I usually am when I make rush judgments, I was wrong. It surprised me one night when I took it for a spin and realized it was an aquatic scent with a clear purpose: to be used at night during the summer.

If you wear it during the day, it works, but don’t ask me why, the best side of this fragrance truly shines when the sun is taking a nap, and the spicy cardamom and the juniper notes feel like they click together to create a scent that reminds me of Polo Blue, or even Dylan Blue, but with its unique twist to at least consider smelling it next time you’re around it.

Who Do I See Wearing Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue

Perfume Spray Calculator

Anyone. It’s an obvious cologne aimed at men, but on vacation, my girlfriend sprayed it on her, and I must say, she smelled great for the rest of the night. 

Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue belongs to a category I call ‘’gift set’ fragrances. They’re perfect as a gift for a man who rarely wears colognes because you can be sure they will like them. Get a bottle for your eccentric uncle who tells bizarre histories, and thank me later.

Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue is one of the best summer colognes.

Serg V

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